signed Fujiwara MASAYASU-saku

Shinto Early Edo period (Kanbun era/about 340 years ago) Owari
Dai katana : Length of cutting edge69.3cm Curvature1.7cm Width of base30.0mm Thickness of base7.2mm Width of Yokote19.0mm
Sho wakizashi : Length of cutting edge54.5cm Curvature1.1cm Width of base31.7mm Thickness of base7.7mm Width of Yokote21.9mm

NBTHK(Tokubetsu Hozon)

Reference only


The smith name MASAYASU (or MASATOMO in different pronouciation), his real name was Ishida Zenzaemon, had been founded to the smith MASATOSHI, Seki, Itakura town, Mino province. He had joined to Mishina Kin-michi school in Kyoto to learn vogue, cool and refined forging and temper technique. Then he had moved to Kajimachi town in Nagoya, Owari province. His art swords are outstanding in loudly graceful among the Owari sword smiths. V-shape filemark is free and easy engraved and signature is powerfully chiselled.
His art swrods were recognized as the date of year ranging from 3rd year of Meireki to 9th year of Enpo (1657 - 1681).