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DAIKOKU Futatokoromono


DAIKOKU the God of Wealth motif

Unsigned attributed to GOTO 後藤

Kozuka : Shakudo ground Nanako-ji surface Gold and Silver Iroe inlay in high relief (97.1mm x 14.2mm 6.8mm thick)

Menuki : Shakudo ground Katabori engraving, Gold and Silver Iroe inlay (30.1mm x 15.2mm / 30.0mm x 13.3mm)

Set in a high quality concaved paulownia wooden box

NBTHK(HOZON) certificate



Shakudo(copper) ground Nanako-ji surface Takabori Gold inlay 

Shakudo back panel

NOBORI flag and SAIHAI baton of command motif

14.2x96.8mm 6.4mm thick


Shakudo Takabori Iroe
Old pine tree design
14.4mmX96.1mm 4.4mm thick