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Single-hand grip type Army saber


Hilt made from the Black Buffalo horn. Engraving of cherry-blossoms on backstrap surface. Scabbard: Iron chromium plating. Tassel for Company Officer.  Blade: Iron steel with grooves, no cutting edge for ceremonious usage

Overall length: 101.0 cm/Length of blade:82.0cm


Japanese overgarment JINBAORI, MUNEATE and ATEOBI set of three colors


Three colors complete 9 pcs sets of Overgarment, Apron and Headband

made of linen, Maru-ni Mitsuhiki Mon (crest)

Dark brown and light blue ones are made of  thin linen for summer season

Yellow ocher one is in thick material for winter season

Exellent original condition for the age

There are some tiny moth-eaten marks and frayed places. Blue layer of  headband is widely worn out

End of Edo period in early 19th century