Ginko nut YARI spear signed Enju NOBUKATSU-saku In the 2nd month,Bunkyu 2nd

Shin-shin-to End of Edo period (Bunkyu 2/1862) Higo
Length of Spearhead 6.5cm Length of Nakago 32.5cm Width of Kerakubi neck 13.8mm Width of Spearhead 22.0mm Thickness 10.8mm Whole length 39.0cm

NBTHK(Hozon) certificate

Blade construction : Spear Yari in Gingo nut shape. Round Kera-kubi neck is a bit on shorter side, Mihaba and Kasane of spearhead grow wider and thicker like a Ginko nut.(click HERE for higher resolution of entire blade)
Curving (Horimono) : Bohi groove on the other side
Forging (Hada) : Hada is super fine Ko-Itame-hada which is well kneaded to form Masame straight indication is general. Sparkling glitter so called Ji-Nie crystallized mist covers on surface and darkish Nie lines so called Chikei activity gushes out from steel.
Temper line (Hamon) : Hamon is fine Konie-based, in which interior is filled with Nioi-mist. Quenching boundary line is wide SUGUHA straight where shows somewhat of combined HOTSURE fray.
Tang (Nakago) : Nakago is UBU original. Filemark from Kerakubi neck on about 12cm down to the original Mekugi-ana peg hole area is horizontal KIRI then becomes greatly Ō-sujikai slanting left to the shallow double bevelled heel. The ones of both sides form the same sort of KIRI and O-sujikai.
The inscription signature in front starts with name of school Enju 延寿 then name of smith NOBUKATSU-saku 宣勝作. The other side is chiselled with the date of year In the 2nd month, Bunkyu 2nd. (1862) 文久二年二月日..
Temper of tip (Boshi) : Temper of tip forms straight medium circles with Hakikake indication then turns deeply back down along Shinogi-suji. The other side is large circle.

NOBUKATSU 宣勝 who was descended from the Enju-family 延寿, real name is TAKENAGA Kisauemon 武永喜三右衛門 was exclusively worked for the lord Hosokawa in
Higo province (now Kumamoto-pref.) He initially had learned from Tada MASATISHI 多田正利 in Mimasaka province 美作 then moved up to Edo (now Tokyo) to have further lesson from Hosokawa MASAYOSHI 細川正義. According from Nihonto Meikan, his works with the date of year ranges from Tenpo 15th to Keiou 3 (1844 - 1867), passed away in Meiji 4th (1870), was 75 years old.

This unique spear of Yari was made in Bunkyu 2nd (1862) when he was matured 65 years old. The unusual spearhead looks like a ripened Ginko nut of which ridge grows firm up and the tip swells out in fully ripened. The other side has a single groove in center. Such an unsharp un-practical spear was made as a cherished possession to bear the plantation of the Guinko in a garden next to
Kumamoto canstle.Nakago root remains good taste of patina in 160 years, clear filemarks and inscription signature.
Steel Kuchigane collar preserved in
a plain wood mounting
Due to old polish, there are some darkish stains which will be blow away next time when head is polished.
reference data :
Honma Kunzan, Ishii Masakuni Nihonto Meikan, Yuzankaku, 1975
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