Tachi signed MORIIE-zou

Koto Middle of Kamakura period(Shogen era CIRCA 1259)
Length of cutting edge69.95cm Curvature2.0cm Width of base26.5mm Width of Yokote14.0mm Length of Mine27mm Length of Nakago19.1cm Curvature of Nakago0.3cm


Reference only

Blade construction : Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune, Shonogi is rather high and there is Koshizori curvature leading to shallow kissaki.
Forging(Hada) : Hada is Itame covered in fine Jinie. There is clear Midare Utsuri reflection on Hiraji. Jigane is delicately beautiful.
Temper(Hamon) : Hamon is puffy Ko-choji based mixing in with typical Kawazuko-choji Midare(waist compressed Choji-ha). The works in the interior is activated with Ashi, YOU and slight Tobiyaki. Habuchi is covered in minute and bright Ko-nie that generates Kinsuji and Sunagashi activity.
Tang(Nakago) : Nakago is in UBU, Temper side of Nagago forms KIJIMATA shape like the crotch of pheasant. Sujikai file marks. Two ANA. The signature on Hakiomote is located on ridge side, thick chiselled and large three character that read MORI-IE-ZOU.
Temper(Boshi) : Boshi is straight tempered that forms Yakizume favor.
MORIIE in Fukuoka Ichimonji school, lived in Hatakeda town in Bizen province and commonly named Hatakeda Moriie. The hada of this school shows a major character of Ichimonnji - conspicuous Itame-hada and shows clear midare-utsuri like Osafune school. This is a superb work of Shodai (1st smith) MORIIE that maintains decent UBU original shape when it was made almost 750 years ago. The entire tachi is in excellent condition and large three character sign is very clear. Workmanship is hidden an awe-inspiring power and is greatly seldom seen.