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Directory of NIHON TOKO JITEN Shinto edition by Fujishiro Matsuo

OUT OF STOCK(under revision)

Hard cover

Sword smith directory including clear image of Oshigata and commentary during Shinto period.


Witten by Fujishiro Matsuo
Written in Japanese

Directory of NIHONTO MEIKAN by Honma Kunzan/Ishii Masakuni (P.O.D.)

A5 size

Sword smith directory more than 23000 makers. Bible of Japanese sword smiths. Compilation of 500,000 report and more during  30 years and more.

Written in Japanese

Print on demand

[print lead time about 60-90 days]

VHS Video guide-The beauty of Japanese sword and fitting

1.Outline of Japanese sword and fitting
2.Japanese sword for beginners'
3.Sword fittings for beginners'
NBTHK/Nihon Token Shogyo Kumiai
Photo by Okisato Fujishiro
VHS (NTSC) 40min

Nihonto Haklkutsu album

Publisher : Kogei shuppan

Written by : Mita Koken/Kogei shuppan

Written in Japanese

A5 size, 224 pages

Tousou-no subete - all about sword fittings

Publisher : Kogei shuppan

Written by  Kokubo Ken'ichi

Written in Japanese

A5 size, 144 pages

Commentary of Japanese sword related artisans

Publisher : Kogei shuppan

Written by Ono Tadashi / Kogei shuppan

Written in Japanese

A5 size 352 pages

Marvelous Japanese swords

B6 size 208 pages

Written by Watanabe Taeko / Chief curator of Sano Art Museum

Publisher : Shizuoka Newspaper Company

Written in Japanese

Fine Steel and Japanese Sword

A5 size 311 pages

Written by Amada Akitsugu (a holder of important cultural property)

Edit by Tsuchiko Tamio

Publisher : Keiyu-sha

Written in Japanese

Consideration of value for Japanese sword

A5 size

Publisher : Kougei shuppan

Transformation of the value for traditional Japanese swords since the age of feudal lord

Written in Japanese