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Commentary of Japanese sword related artisans

Publisher : Kogei shuppan

Written by Ono Tadashi / Kogei shuppan

Written in Japanese

A5 size 352 pages

Marvelous Japanese swords

B6 size 208 pages

Written by Watanabe Taeko / Chief curator of Sano Art Museum

Publisher : Shizuoka Newspaper Company

Written in Japanese

Fine Steel and Japanese Sword

A5 size 311 pages

Written by Amada Akitsugu (a holder of important cultural property)

Edit by Tsuchiko Tamio

Publisher : Keiyu-sha

Written in Japanese

Consideration of value for Japanese sword

A5 size

Publisher : Kougei shuppan

Transformation of the value for traditional Japanese swords since the age of feudal lord

Written in Japanese