DAI-SHO tsuba


A scene of Ono no Michikaze, Frong and Willow

Ono no Michikaze (prominent Shodōka) observes a leaping frog catches willow branch

unsigned attributed to a work of MITO

Iron ground Ji-sukashi openwork, Gold Nunome-style inlay, Silver, Copper IROE inlay work, Hammered MIMI edge

DAI:74.2x71.7mm 4.5mm thick (One hitsu-ana punch)

SHO:70.7x67.7mm 4.7mm thick (Two hitsu-ana punch irregular shape)

NBTHK(HOZON) certificate

Iron Irregular shape Tsuba


MYOUGA(ginger) / CHU-character crests

Unsigned attributed to a work of HOUAN(later generations)

Irregular shape, Polish surface, Firing Etching process, Round Mimi edge

88.3x82.6mm 3.3mm thick

NBTHK(HOZON) certificate

Iron Oval shape Tsuba


Bamboo trunk with Japanese Ginger Openworks

Unsigned attributed to a work of Bushu MASAYOSHI

Iron ground, Nikubori/Kebori carving, Round Mimi edge, Irregular Hitsu-ana punches

71.5x68.1mm Seppa base 6.5mm thick Mimi edge 6.1mm thick

NBTHK(Tokubetsu kicho Kodougu) certificate

Iron Round shape Tsuba


Tomoe/Comma-shaped crest & Kiri/paulownia Openworks

Iron ground, Square Mimi edge, Irregular Hitsu-ana

74.0x73.4mm Seppa base 6.2mm thick Mimi edge 5.8mm thick

Iron Round shape Tsuba


Three egg plants and Fagots motif

Signed : Shoami MORIKUNI

Iron ground, hammered surface, Suki-nokoshi edge with well-rounded contours, Both Hitsu-punches filled by Shakudo.

79.0x78.2mm 7.2mm thick


Iron irregular shape tsuba


Kweather-beaten An Insect and Eggs Scene

Hammered Rock surface Silver, Copper and Brass Inlay


5.7mm thick

Iron round shape openwork tsuba


Clouds openwork motif

Attributed to a work of SHOAMI

Polish surface, Round edge


4.8mm thick

NBTHK(Hozon) Tousogu certificate