(DAI) Takagi-shi-Fujiwara-Chuei-Saku-ken Hizen koku-ju Toutoumi-no-kami Fujiwara Kanehiro
(SHO) Hizen koku-ju Toutoumi-no-kami Fujiwara Kanehiro Takagi-shi-Fujiwara-Chuei-Saku-ken

Daisho pair Koshirae Mounting included
Length of cutting edge:(DAI)70.8cm/27.87"(SHO)55.0cm/21.65"

NBTHK(Tokubetsu Hozon)


Reference only

Blade construction:Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune, Base is somewhat wide and there is deep curvature leading to middle Kissaki.
Forging(Hada): Hada is Masame well forging and active with Chikei covered in Ji-Nie.
Temper(Hamon): Hamon is wavy and resembles to Sudare-ha activated with frequent Sunagashi activity.
Tang(Nakago): Nakago is in UBU original. The signature of Katana is eleven character engraving on Hakiura and nine character of the owner on Hakiomote. The Wakizashi has nine character of the owner on Hakiura and seven character engraving on Hakiomote.
Temper of tip(Boshi): Boshi is small circle Hakikake a bit deep turn back.
Kanehiro a son of YAMATO DAIJO KANEHIRO lived in Saga. He named [KANEWAKA] at the beginning. This perfect DAISHO set were made for TAKAGI-UJI-FUJIWARA-CHUEI who was an influential samurai in Hizen-province. The shape is in extremely beauty and rich hiraniku that almost maintains the one when it was made. Hiraji is thickly covered in minute Ji-nie and Ji-gane is delicately beautiful-entirely and splendidly active with Chikei.
There comes with old DAISHO pair koshirae mountings of which furniture is LEO and PEONY design shakudo nanako ground Fuchi/Kashira and Munuki. Box tree wooden Tsubas. There are some seams of Tsukaito due to long time passing that can be re-worked by skilled Tsukamaki artisan. The best polished. 1956 NBTHK papered. Such a perfect set of DASHO with original Koshirae is very rare and it's owner's name increases the historical value of this perfect DAISHO blades furthermore.
Shira-Saya attached and Gold foil Habaki collar.