Hira-sankaku YARI spear signed To'otoumi-no-kuni Oguri MOTOSHIGE-saku Hori-dosaku In the 2nd month, Heisei 3rd

1/2 scale of the Spear Yari the "Nihongo"

Contemporary sword (Heisei 3/1991) Shizuoka-pref.
Length of Spearhead 50.8cm Length of Nakago 40.9cm Width of Kerakubi neck 18.1mm Width of Spearhead 23.4mm Whole length 91.7cm

Museum exhibition of "Sword Craftman' Skill"

Blade construction : 1/2 scale of the Spear Yari the "Nihongo" 日本号 which was reported in the book of Kyouho Meibutsu-cho by Hon'ami Kochu 本阿弥光忠. Hexagonal Kera-kubi neck.(click HERE for higher resolution of entire blade)
Curving (Horimono) : In wide and deep groove, there works with the Shin-no KURIKARA 真倶利伽羅 entwined Dragon along a Sanko-ken 三鈷剣 treasure sword with three-pronged handles.
Forging (Hada) : Hada is fine Itame-hada which is well kneaded to form Masame straight indication is general. Sparkling glitter so called Ji-Nie crystallized mist covers on surface and darkish Nie lines so called Chikei activity gushes out from steel.
Temper line (Hamon) : Hamon is fine Konie-based, in which interior is filled with Nioi-mist. Quenching boundary line is wide SUGUHA straight where shows somewhat of combined Hotsure fray, Sunagashi as well as Kinsen lines of Nie.
Tang (Nakago) : Nakago is UBU original, one Mekugi-ana punch. Filemark is horizontal Kesho greatly ?-sujikai slanting left to the shallow double bevelled heel end. The inscription signature in front starts with the place of work To'otoumi-no-kuni 遠江国, family name Oguri 小栗 and the smith name MOTOSHIGE 基重 then Hori-dosaku (self carving) 彫同作. The other side is chiselled with the date of year Auspicious day, In the 2nd month, Bunkyu 2nd. (1991) 平成三年二月吉日日..
Temper of tip (Boshi) : Temper of tip forms straight Yakizume-end

Oguri MOTOSHIGE 小栗元重 was born in 1953, Shuchi-gun, Shizuoka-pref,real name Tatsumi 辰巳. He started the practice in 1976 under Kita SADAHIRO 喜多貞寬 who was an senior fellow of the living National Treasure 2nd Gassan Sadaichi 月山貞一 to study sword making. In 1983 in order to obtain the superb technique of sword carving he became a pupil of Yanagimura Senju 柳村仙寿 who is designated as being an important cultural treasure of Okayama-pref,as well as being qualified as Mukansa 無鑑査 who is not submitted to the jury for appraisal classification.
In 1989, he started to display his swords in the Contemporary Swords and Artwork's in The Japanese Sword Museum and has been chosen for the Nyusen awarded as much as 15 times in sword category and 9 times in carving category.

This unique spear of Yari was made in Heisei 3rd (1991) at his matured age 37 under his bold concept to reproduce the famed Yari Nihongo 日本号 which is currently preserved at
The Fukuoka City Museum.
Kurikara 真倶利伽羅 dragon carving is full of vigor holding bulged powerful muscles with scared keen talons, vividly full with heated passions. He put his best effort on this work almost 2 years and had displayed the presentation in the exhibition
"Sword Craftsman' Skill" - Those works of the Highest -quality masterwork which was held at The Sano Art Museum as well as The Bizen Osafune Sword Museum.
Gold foiled copper Kuchigane collar which is made by the skilled artisan Dr. Hotei ChoIchi 布袋長一. Preserved in
Shirasaya the plain wood mounting in the top quality by Dr. Yonekura Shu'ichi 米倉秀一. Original skilled polish by Dr.Sugatana Masahiro 菅ケ谷正弘

The "Nihongo", one of the three great spears of Japan, unsigned said forged by Kanabou Masatsugu in the Muromachi period. This spear has been passed through the hands of leaders like the emperor Ōgimachi 正親町天皇, the Shogun Ashikaga YOSHIAKI 足利義昭, Oda Nobunaga 織田信長, Toyotomi Hideyoshi 豊臣秀吉, Fukushima Masanori 福島正則, Mori Tomonobu
母里友信(もりとものぶ)and is now on preserved at The Fukuoka City Museum
reference data :
The pictorial book of Museum exhibition of "Sword Craftman' Skill" The Sano Art Museum, 2009