Katana signed Inaba-koku-ju Fujiwara KANESAKI with) Balck lacquered UME Flower skin shark scabbard Uchikatana Koshirae

Shinto Early Edo Period (kanbun/Enpo era circa 1661-) Inaba
Length of cutting edge 62.6cm Curvature 1.8cm Width of base 31.1mm Width of Yokote 20.6mm Thickness of base 7.4mm

NBTHK(Hozon) certificate

with) Balck lacquered UME Flower skin shark scabbard Uchikatana Koshirae

Blade construction : Katana of Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune crerated in a style of fast draw and one-hand swordmanship with a bit deeper curve near the base. Massive Katana holding abundant Hiraniku and thick in Kasane. Wide in Mihaba remainning almost original cutting edge of "Hamachi" on base and less degree of tapering toward the swelling upper "Monouchi" leading to an enlogated large Kissaki. Entire blade is massively heavy on hand in powerful manner for swordsmanship.(click HERE for higher resolution image)
Forging(Hada) : Jigane steel is fine Ko-Itame-hada on Hiraji whereas Masame indication appears on Shinogi-ji surface. Sparkling martensite crystals Ji-nie attaches to generate thick gleaming lines of Jet-black luster "Chikei" appearance over the Hiraji surface under light.
Temper(Hamon) : Hamon is vibrant Ō-midare in rather tighter side sparkling martensite crystals "Nioi" based, starts with large-Gunome then Tassel-shape Choji-ha,Togari-ha with slanting indication in different angles and crab claw "Kani-no-tsume" or the notch of an arrow "Yahazu". Some quenching Hamon splits over Hiraji-surface to generate isolating "Tobiyaki". The interior of temper is filled with misty Nioi where abundant activities of Gunome-ashi and Sunagashi streaming appears crossing over abyss of Gunome-ashi.
Temper of tip(Boshi): Boshi forms irregular "Midarekomi" large circle turns back deeply to connect upper "Muneyaki" temper along back ridge "Mune".
Tang(Nakago) : UBU in original. The bottom heel is single bevelled "Ha-agari Kurijiri" in full. "Yasurime" is V-shaped "Takanoha". Back ridge of Nakago is well-contoured with greatly slanting left "Ō-sujikai" Yasurime. One peg hole of "Mekugi-ana". The signature inscription in front is located on "Shinogi-suji" ridge, starts with the living place Inaba-koku-ju 因幡国住, a name of clan Fujiwara 藤原 and the name of smith KANESAKI 兼先.

Founder KANESAKI 兼先 who named himself Heki ISUKE 日置伊助 went up from Seki, Mino in in company with legitimate son Heki SOU'UEMON 日置惣右衛門 to Okayama, Bizen in during Bunroku era (1592-) at the service of Ikeda-family in Bizen feudal territory.
On the occasion of territorial exchange from Okayama to Inaba in Kan'ei 9 (1632), Heki KUROU'UEMON 日置九郎右衛門 went to Tottori, Inaba domain.
This Katana was made by 3rd generation KANESAKI 兼先, real name Heki HYOU'UEMON 日置兵右衛門 during Kanbun - Enpo era (1661-80).
In view of this Katana, KANESAKI looks up to Sue-Bizen works during Muromachi period, even he emphasizes it features of SUKESADA 祐定 work. Splendid Hamon. Adding crab claw "Kani-no-tsume",the notch of an arrow "Yahazu" as well as earlobe "Mimitabu" expresses great indivisuality performance.

with) Balck lacquered Flower skin shark (kairagi-same) scabbard Uchikatana Koshirae (click HERE for entire Koshirae and HERE for each fitting)
  • Fuchi/Kashira : Lion bub (Shishi) design,gilded gold and silver inlays in high relief Takabori engraving on Nanako-ji surface
  • Menuki : Botan flower and Shishi design, Shakudo ground, Katabori engraving, gilded gold Iroe inlay
  • Tsuba : SAYAGATA-pattern openwork design, Shakudo ground,polish surface, Gold Fukurin and gold Uchi-Fukurin for both Hitsu-ana, usigned
  • Tsuka : Hosoito Kumiage lozenge wrapp (some loosen or frayed off due to aging)
  • Saya : "Kairagi-same" Black lacquered polished "UME" plum Flower skin shark (tanned brown partial discolored under secular change over the years)
Copper alloy "Yamagane" double layers Habaki collar, preserved in Shirasaya plain wood mounting
Recent polish/Condition scale: mint-excellent (using a scale of mint-excellent-very good-good-fair-poor)