Katana signed The 27th generation KANEMOTO An auspicious day in the 5th month, the 4th year of Heisei

Contemporary Sword (The 4th year of Heisei/1992) Gifu-pref.
Length of cutting edge69.5cm Curvature2.0cm Width of base33.0mm Width of Yokote24.7mm Thickness of base7.3mm

with)Samurai motif Black lacquered scabbard Uchigatana Koshirae



Blade construction : Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune, Massive blade, thick in Kasane holding well-harmonized curvature leading to an extended Chu-kissaki.(click HERE for super size image)
Forging(Hada) : Hada is fine Mokume-hada using fine steel and there works with sparkling Ji-nie (hard granules over the surface) and darkish Nie lines (chikei) wells out. The entire hada ware is vividly clear.
Temper(Hamon) : Hamon is Gunome Togari of 3 sharp heads in ranges, Ko-nie oriented Sanbonsugi temper line which ranges from the base to tip of Yokote. There is thick gunome-feet emitting toward the cutting edge.
Temper of tip(Boshi) : Boshi is gunome midare with medium circle turning back deeply.
Tang(Nakago) : Nakago is in UBU (original). one Nakago ANA. Takanoha (V-shape) filemarks. Shape of heel is Iriyama(V-shape). The signature in hHakiomote is Niju-Nana-dai KANEMOTO 二十七代 and the other side is chiselled with the date of year An auspicious day in the 5th month, the 4th year of Heisei (1992) 平成四年五月吉日.

Here is a Katana by The 27th generation KANEMOTO 二十七代兼元 who belonged to the legitimate Kanemoto Magoroku school.
He was born in 1924. Real name is Kaneko Tatsuichiro 金子達一郎 who lived in Inaguchi town, Seki-city, Gifu pref. He joined to [Nihonto Tanren-sho school] in 1937 to learn from Watanabe Kanenaga 渡辺兼永, then succeeded a name of the 27th generation of Makoroku Kanemoto 孫六兼元 in 1944. After continuous practice in decades of years, he was officially commended with Seki mayer's Award in 1980 and finally won the honorable award of the holder of an important intangible cultural heritage from Govenor of Gifu pref. in 1997.
He is one of the sword senior smiths of the present day who have inherited the traditional Mino-technique to surpass others, especially excellent at re-production of the works by MAKOROKU KANEMOTO 孫六兼元 like this example. Passed away January 24th 2008 at the age of 83 years old.

with) Samurai motif Black lacquered scabbard Uchigatana Koshirae consist of : (click
HERE for entire Koshirae and HERE for each fitting)
  • Fuchi/Kashira : Samurai warrior design, Shakudo copper alloy ground, Nanako-ji surface, Takabori carving, Gold Iroe, unsigned
  • Menuki : Samurai warrior design, Shakudo copper alloy, Yobori carving, Copper Iroe
  • Tsuba : Samurai warrior design, Iron ground, Openwork, Nikubori carving, Iroe, Silver Fukurin rim, signed : Souhei-shi Nyudo SOUTEN-sei 藻柄子入道宗典製
  • Hilt : White rayskin, Blue silk cord Moro-tsumami-maki style lozenge wrap
Silver Habaki collar, preserved in a plain wood mounting