katana signed Oite Tōto Kato TSUNAHIDE kore-wo-tsukuru In the 8th month, Bunka 10th (1813) To order of Sukai Masatoshi with)Burgundy lacquered scabbard Uchikatana Koshirae mount with)Black lacquered notches scabbard Uchikatana Koshirae mount

Shin-shin-to latter half of Edo period (Bunka 10th/1813) Bushu
Length of cutting edge 70.0cm Curvature 1.9cm Width of base 31.8mm Widtrh of Yokote 19.8mm Thickness of base 8.1mm

NBTHK(Tokubetsu Hozon) certificate
Reported in Token Bijutsu vol.425

with)Burgundy lacquered scabbard Uchikatana Koshirae mount
with)Black lacquered notches scabbard Uchikatana Koshirae mount

Blade construction (kengyo) : Shinogi zukuri, Iori-mune. Thick in Kanane and Shinogi-ji surface is shallow in proportion to Hiraji holding less volume of Hiraniku. There is rather on deeper side waist point curve, even Nakago holds slight curve leading to elongated medium tip of Ki'ssaki (click HERE for high resolution of the blade photograph)
Forging pattern ( kitaehada) : Kitae hada is precisely fine Ko-Itame. The entire hiraji is sparkling with fine and uniform Ji-nie (hard metal granules over the surface) and delicately actives with Chickei of darkish precise Nie small curved lines.
Tempering pattern (hamon) : Hamon is a bit on coarse side Ko-Nie based, starts with Osaka-style uphill slopeYakidashi, A group of three Gunome in steps joins together to form like big surge so call Toran-midare adding isolated splashes of Tobiyaki and Muneyaki appears on the back ridge of Mune. Sparkling Nie glows vividly along outline where thick lines of Ashi radiates toward the cutting edge. The interior of temper is filled with mist-like crystallize area deeply and sparkling Nie accumulates on the gorges of Gunome where slight lines of SUNAGASHI activates. The entire quenching scene is full of sophisticated impression.
Temper of tip (boshi) : Boshi forms straight outline regularly medium circle then deeply turns back.
Tang (Nakago) : Nakago is UBU original. Nakago curvers slightly with Ō-Sujikai (greatly slanting left) and Kesho (horizontal) filemarks. Iri-yama(single-bevelled) heel. One Mekugi-ana peg hole.The inscription in front is chiselled along Shinogi-suji, starting the place of work Oite Tōto 於東都, family name Kato 加藤 and the smith name TSUNAHIDE kore-wo-tsukuru 綱英造之. The other side is chiselled an owner's name "to order of Sukai Masatoshi 應須賀井正敏需之鍛" and on Hiraji-surface it appears the date of year In the 8th month, Bunka 10th (1813) 文化十年八月日.

Here is a superb Katana by the famaed smith TSUNAHIDE 綱英, real name is Kato Suketarou 加藤助太郎 as the 1st son of Kato Kunihide 加藤国秀 in Yonezawa, Dewa domain. TSUNAHIDE 綱英 and his younger brother TSUNATOSHI 綱俊, both brothers were exclusively worked for the lord Uesugi in the Dewa domain. He apprenticed himself along with his younger brother TSUNATOSHI 綱俊 to an experienced master father Kato Kunihide 加藤国秀 to learn Toran-midare which was widely favored. He also grew up a talented pupil of Koyama MUNETSUGU 固山宗次.
He left for the Bushu capital during Bunsei (1820's) period and exclusively worked in the studio of Uesugis' Samurai residence.
He learned under the great master Suishinshi Masahide 水心子正秀 of the same prefecture. After graduation of Suishinshi school, Kato family established one of the leading Bizen-tradition school in Bushu capital. It's major brilliant disciples were Ishido Korekazu 石堂是一, Takahashi Naganobu 高橋長信 and Seiryuken Moritoshi 青竜軒盛俊.

This katana starts with Osaka-style uphill slope so called Yakidashi and follows the vogue of flamboyant Big-surges Toran-midare with active splashes. It was exclusively made for a retainer of chief Uesugi Sukai Masatoshi 須賀井正敏 in Yonezawa domain to add a historical research material value.
This katana is strikingly healthy and was reported in Token Bijutsu vol.425.

with) Burgundy lacquered scabbard Uchikatana Koshirae mount (click
HERE for entire Koshirae/HERE for each fitting)
  • Fuchi/Kashira : Seven jewels (Shippo) design, Shakudo copper alloy ground, polish surface,God Iroe, unsigned
  • Menuki : Botan peony design, Shakudo ground Yobori carving, Iroe
  • Tsuba : Botan peony design, Suaka copper ground, Hammered surface, Iroe, signed KIKUFUNE-saku 菊舟作
  • Tsuka: White layskin, light brown silk code Tsumami-maki-style lozenge wrap
with) Black lacquered notches scabbard Uchikatana Koshirae mount (click HERE for entire Koshirae/HERE for each fitting)
  • Fuchi/Fashira : Souro-Sanko(Sangokushi motif) design, Shakudo copper alloy ground Takabori carving, Iroe inlay, signed Hamano NAOYUKI 濱野直随
  • Menuki : Houkouji temple bell design, Shakudo ground Yobori carving, Iroe
  • Tsuba : Tetsu'kkai hermit design, Copper ground, Takabori carving, Iroe, signed Hamano NAOYUKI 濱野直随
  • Tsuka : White layskin, purple silk code Tsumami-maki-style lozenge wrap
Gold foiled double layer Habaki collar. Preserved in a Shira-Saya plain wood mounting.
Recent good polish/Condition scale: mint-excellent (using a scale of mint-excellent-very good-good-fair-poor)