Katana signed Se'shu ju-nin NORIHIDE-saku In the 4th month, the 6th year of Heisei

Contemporary sword (Heisei 6/1994) Hyougo prefecture
Length of cutting edge 71.3cm Curvature 2.0cm Width of base 33.2mm Width of Yokote 23.0mm Thickness of base 6.0mm


Blade construction: Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. Wide in Mihaba, A bit on thinner side in Kasane and less volume of Hiraniku. Hiraji is wide in proportion to Shinogi surface. There is less degree of tapering from base to point which is swelling in full, leading to an elongated medium Kissaki. It weighs 775 grams with Habaki.(click HERE for entire blade)
Forging(Hada): Basically fine Ko-itame hada well grained covered with sparkling Ji-nie. Thick lines of Chikei that forms large Mokume like Cedar grain Ayasugi and Itame wares. Boundary line area forms flowing straight indication that streams into hardening Hamon.
Temper(Hamon): Nie based flamboyant Hitatsura mixing with splashed isolated tempers all over the surface beyond Shinogi-suji ridge to form Muneyaki of hardening on the back ridge. The interior of temper is rich in full of super view Nie activities of bright curved areas so called Kinsen, Inazuma or Sunagashi.
Temper of tip(Boshi): Irregular Midarekomi sweeping indication and turns back deeply that connects to Muneyaki.
Tang(Nakago): UBU in original one peg hole. The inscription signature starts with the place of work Se'shu ju-nin 摂州住人 and the name of smith NORIHIDE-saku 則秀作. The other side is chiseled with the date of year In the 4th month, the 6th year of Heisei 平成六年四月日 (1994).

This is a masterpiece by NORIHIDE 則秀 in Se'shu (present Hyogo pref.) His real name is Koshio Gonda 権田甲子男 who lives in Takarazuka-city and has won a couple of prizes in the Contemporary Sword Exhibition and Contest held by Japanese Sword Preservation Society (NBTHK). This blade is a delight among similar Shoushu works - special ordered elaborately made. The whole shape is stout entirely overflowing with an ambitious spirit.
Silver Habaki collar, preserved in Shirasaya plain wood mounting