Wakizashi signed Bizen-koku-ju Osafune Shichibei-no-jo SUKESADA saku An auspicious day

Koto End of Muromachi period (from late Tensho until Bunroku era/1590-) Bizen
Length of cutting edge 35.9cm Curvature 0.4cm Width of base 31.3mm Thickness of base 8.2mm

NBTHK(Hozon) certificate




Blade construction: Hira-zukuri, Iori-mune. Kasane is very thick, cutting edge is long and Mihaba is wide with less degree of tapering toward the upper pronounced Fukura. Solidly built wakizashi, heavy on hand. (click HERE for higher resolution image of the entire blade)
Forging(Hada): Forging is conspicuous large Itame-hada mixing with Mokume-hada that is covered with sparkling reflection Utsuri on Hira-ji surface. Darkish thick Nie lines of Chikei activity gushes where shows the mixtures of non-steel elements and uneven status of carbon steel to generate classical grace.
Temper(Hamon): Hamon is bit on stronger side Nie hard metal granules base, undulating Gunome and box-like shape Hakoba. Some of hardening temper splash on the back ridge Muneyaki. In the interior of temper there works with thick Nie feet that emit into the cutting edge.
Temper of tip(Boshi): Boshi forms Midarekomi undulating irregular state, small circles turns back deeply that connects to Muneyaki.
Tang(Nakago): Nakago is in UBU original a bit on shorter side for the entire length. One Mekugi-ana punch. Kurijiri bottom heel swelling in full. Slanting left Katte-sagari filemarks. Signature in front starts with living place Bizen-koku-ju Osafune 備前国住長船, additional secular name Shichibei-no-jo 七兵衛尉 and smith name SUKESADA saku 祐定作. the other side is chiselled An auspicious day 吉日.

This heroic Hirazukuri wakizashi is characteristic of Sue-Bizen works that assumes dandyism and classical aspect of forging scene with abundant Itame scene against Midare-Utsuri reflection.
Shichibei-no-jo SUKESADA 七兵衛尉祐定 is the 5th generation since the founder of famed Yoso-zaemon-no-jo SUKESADA 与三左衛門尉祐定 from Eisho (1504-) period.
Sukesada smiths had lost their homes and atelier workshops in the flood of Yoshii river in Tensho 18 (1590), after that Shichibei-no-jo SUKESADA 七兵衛尉祐定 played a restorer of Bizen tradition and became a pioneer of Shinto Sukesada lineage.
He is long life passed Enpo 2 (1674) lived to be 98 years old, assumed born in Tensho 5 (1577).
His son Kouzuke-daijo SUKESADA 上野大掾祐定 became the head of the SUKESADA school. His brother Gen-zaemon-no-jo SUKESADA 源左衛門尉祐定 and So-zaemon-no-jo SUKESADA 宗左衛門尉祐定 set up SUKESADA branches.

Gold foiled single layer habaki collar, preserved in Shirasaya plain wood mounting.
Good recent polish/Condition scale: excellent - very good (using a scale of mint-excellent-very good-good-fair-poor)
reference data :
Kashima Susumu, Osafune-cho-shi/Token-hen zuroku, Otsuka Kougei-sha, 1998