Iron ground Round Rectangular Openwork Tuba

YATSUHASHI openwork design

Iron Ground Ishime-ji surface, Open work, Double Hits-ana punches, Round Mimi edge

Signed : Sunshu Shimizu-ju YUKI-saku

79.2 mm x 78.5 mm 5.4 mm thick (Mimi edge)

Artist Fukuyo Yuki 福興 裕毅

born in July 1 1953 Shimizu ward, Shizuoka city

His Tsuba was accepted as a work of Nyusen on 2005 and ever since he won the prize of Doryoku-sho on 2009 then the upper prize of Yushu-sho the following year, he has continued to receive high prizes till 2016.

This is his most triumph subject YATSUHASHI. Super fine Ishime stone-like surface from forging of fine steel and excellent taste of patina, delicate Kebori carving on zigzag bridges, Nikubori-style carving for water streams and Rabbit-ear Iris, those are done wonderfully well in perspective