Iron ground Round Rectangular Character Openwork Tuba

Iron Ground Open work, Double Hits-ana punches, Round Mimi edge

Signed : Snake, the 10th calender sign of Heisei YOSHIYUKI-saku

79.2 mm x 78.5 mm 5.4 mm thick (Mimi edge)

Artist Kawashima Yoshiyuki 川島義之

born in August 28, 1947 Shimizu ward, Shizuoka city

He has plunged into making the Iron steel Tsuba work more than 30 years ever since his work of Tsuba was initially accepted as a work of Nyusen on 1986. Ever since he won the prize of Doryoku-sho on 2008, he successively continued to win the prizes and won the upper prize of Kunzan-sho on 2015 and finally won the glorious top prize Kaicho-sho on 2016.

This is a masterpiece on 2013 using top quality finest steel of Tamahagane, exquisite touch of letter carvings 『実相顕現武運長久』 and superb taste of patina that's done wonderfully well.