Tanto signed RYOKAI with) Brown Urumi lacquered Inro-notches scabbard Higo style Tanto Koshirae

Koto Kamakura period (Shouou era circa 1288)
Length of cutting edge 25.3cm Inward curvature Width of base 22.0mm Thickness of base 5.7mm Length of tang 96.0mm

NBTHK(The 32th 1985 JUYO TOKEN)

with) Brown Urumi lacquered Inro-notches scabbard Higo style Tanto Koshirae



Blade construction:Hira-zukuri, Mitsu-mune, Mihaba is average for it's length, a bit on Uchizori inward curvature. Moderate shape with very harmonious ratio of Mihaba to Nagasa, Kasane and Fukura that conveys awe-inspiring power. (click HERE for a high resolution image)
Forging(Hada):Fine Ko-Itame hada with Masame indication that covered in Ji-nie. Nie based Utsuri reflection appears.
Temper(Hamon): Small knot on base, fine Nie based Suguha with deep mist of Nioi in the interior of temper.
Temper of tip(Boshi): Small circle turn back back in rather on deeper side.
Tang(nakago): Kimono sleeve shape so called Furisode UBU original, Ha- agariKURIJIRI bottom, Katte-Sagari file marks. signed 2 large characters RYOKAI 了戒.
Famed smith RYOKAI 了戒 in capital Yamashiro hands down as a son of Rai Kunitoshi 来国俊 and some works with the date of year, such as Shouou(1288-92), Kagen(1303-05), Enkei(1308-10), Showa(1312-16) period have been recognized.
His work is nominated as an important cultural property that is Tachi signed RYOKAI In the 2nd month Kagen 1 Yamashiro-koku Ju'nin Kuro-Sa 了戒 嘉元元年二月日 山城国住人九朗左 which had been offered to and stored in one of the greatest centers of worship
Atsuta Jingu Shrine.
Among few extant Kamakura Tantos, this Ryokai work which is deserved great award as the 32th JUYO Token in 1985 for it's preservation of entirely UBU original condition and quite rate extant work by 1st generation RYOKAI 了戒 as a masterpiece of the famed works from Kamakura period.