Jyu-monji Yari signed Yamashiro-no-kami Fujiwara KUNISHIGE

Shinto Middle of Edo period (Meiwa era/circa 1764) Bushu
Length of cutting edge 18.3cm Width of cutting edge 13.7cm Thickness of base 15.6mm Length of tang 39.8cm

NBTHK(Hozon) certificate
Zenkido certificate



Blade construction : Cross-shaped Jyu-monji style spear. Imposing horned-style both branches lift up with Shinogi-ridge.(click HERE for higher resolution images)
Forging (hada) : Basic hada ware is precise Itame and perceive Masame indication overall.
Temper (Hamon) : Hamon is wide Suguha with Notare wavy indication. Boundary line is active with irregular Komidare and Hotsure fray
Tang (nakago) : UBU original. Two peg holes. Upper filemark is Horizontal Kiri and lower is greatly slanting left Ō-sujikai. The signature starts with the official district Yamashiro-no-kami 山城守, name of clan Fujiwara 藤原 and smith name KUNISHIGE 国重.

Smith KUNISHIGE 国重 who enjoyed Yamashiro-no-kami 山城守 title granted by the Imperial Court was active Meiwa (1764-71) era in the middle of Edo period. He was a pupil of Musashi-taro YASUKUNI 武蔵太郎安国、lived in Azabu town, Bushu Edo. after the entry of Buddhist monk in his later age, he named himself "I'kko" 一虎 .
A large number of extant works by Yamashiro-no-kami KUNISHIGE is an artistic Yari spear like this example. Making such imposing presence of Yari requires a lot of skill, surely he was a great master at making Jyu-monji shape Yari in prosperous Bushu-Edo (today Tokyo) with great popularity from high class Samurais.
Preserved in
Shirasaya plain wood mounting