Katana signed Musashi Tarou YASUKUNI True folded fifteen times Kofuse-saku with)Birds crest mother-of-pearl work lacquered scabbard Uchigatana Koshirae

Shinto Middle of Edo period (Houei era about 300 years ago) Bushu/Hitachi
Length of cutting edge65.3cm Curvature2.2cm Width of base39.8mm Thickness of base8.8mm Width of Yokote30.5mm

NBTHK(Tokubetsu Hozon Token)

NBTHK(Tokubetsu Hozon Tosougu)

Reference only


Smith YASUKUNI belonged to Shitahara school, was born in 1650 (the third year of Keian), Hachiouji town, as a son of Yamamoto Kinzaemon HIROSHIGE. Initial smith name, Yamamoto Touta HIROSHIGE, then changed to YASUKUNI. In 1685 (the second year of Joukyo), he studied under the tutorship of Omura KABOKU in Azabu, Bushu Edo to work for Daimyo Mito Mitsukuni then enjoyed Musashi Tarou title. In 1719 (the fourth year of Kyohou), YASUKUNI climbed up to an honorable position to be invited by Shogun Tokugawa YOSHIMUNE to have a look at making a sword at Mihama Goten palace. In his later years, he named Yamamoto Bokuyu. Passed away 1730 (the fifteenth day, the eighth month, the fifteenth year of Kyouou), lived out hisallotted span, was 81 years old.
The hero Tsukue Ryunosuke of movie/novel
[The Sword of Doom], owned a sword of YASUKUNI to get more popularity.
The front is chiselled a carving of KURIKARA dragon and the revesed side is engraved kanji Chinese characters that means Live is running fast as a dream, how could we live century.