Jumonji-YARI signed Tegarayama Kai-no-kami MASASHIGE In the eighth month, the sixth year of Bunka Tame Daichi Fumitaka Saku Kore Red leather wrinkle lacquered scabbard/Evergreen Oak Red whalebone wrapped haft

Shin-shin-to period End of Edo period (The sixth year of Bunka A.D.1809) Bushu
Length of cutting edge12.2cm Width9.1cm Length of tang(nakago)35.4cm Whole length of spear47.6cm
Entire length of Spear fitting 211cm

Accompanies Red leather wrinkle lacquered scabbard/Evergreen Oak Red whalebone wrapped haft



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MASASHIGE, born in 10th year of Houreki (1760), Tegarayama, Harima province (Now in Hyogo pref.). Real name is Miki Asahichi as the second son of 2nd generation Tegarayama Ujishige, who had yielded his position as head of the family UJISHIGE to his second son Asahichi , due to accidentally death of the first son. In the eighth year of Tenmei (1788), He was taken into the service of the Daimyo Matsudaira Sadanobu in Shirakawa Domain to move up to Bushu (Tokyo) province, enjoyed Kai-no-kami title from Emperor in the third year of Kyowa (1803). Passed away in the 5th, 7th month of Bunsei 13th (1830), was 71 yeard old.
The subject Jumonji-style spear by Tegarayama Masashige is a masterpiece which was exclusively made for a chief retainer Daichi Fumitaka served for Daimyo Maeda Narinaga
at Takezawa Goten Palace in Kenrokuen garden kaga province, when Masashige was 50 years old in 1809. The entire spear was found from an old warehouse in Ishikawa pref. been registered in Aichi this year, freshly skilled polish has been just restored to the almost original brilliancy in interval of 200 years. This spear hold an unique shape CHIDORI (like a step of plover), made by a great master Tegarayama Masashite, Owner's name engraved, the date of year, perfectly conditioned, fresh polish and an original apear fitting also adds a historical value as well.