Jumonji-YARI signed SHIMOSAKA

Shinto Early Edo period(Keicho/early 17th C.) Echizen province
Length of cutting edge25.6cm Length of Nakago32.8cm Whole length58.4mm Whole width21.9mm


Reference only

Blade construction : JUMONJI-YARI
Forging(Hada) : Hada is fine Itame mixing in with Mokume-hada covered in Ji-Nie activity. Entire Kitae is vivid and bright.
Temper(Hamon) : Hamon is Notare with Komidare, Habuchi is covered in uniform and fine Nie. The Habuchi is active with Ni-ju-Ha, Hotsure-Ha. Nioi-kuchi is bright and beautiful. The interior of Ha is active with Sunagashi brushing.
Tang(Nakago) : Nakago is UBU original. O-sujikai file mark. One ANA. The signature is two large character that reads SHIMO-SAKA.
Temper of tip(Boshi) : Boshi is slight Notare covered in Ko-Nie.
The frontier of SHIMOSAKA school was Shimosaka Hachiro Zaemon in Shiga, Omi-province during Koto period. The blade signed as Echizen-koku SHIMOSAKA has been identified as the first generation YASUTSUGU. There found works of Shimosaka of which signature is chiseled as [HIGODAIJO SHIMOSAKA], [SHIMOSAKA/ECHIZEN-JU], [ECHIZEN KOKU SHIMOSAKA] and two character [SHIMOSAKA]. This JUMONJI-YARI is rather large and has a superb Ji-Ha. Although surface has darkish stains that comes from slight rust, entire blade is very healthy and these stains shall be blow away next time when blade is sent for polish.
Comes in Shira-Saya fitting