Wakizashi signed Kawachi-no-kami Fujiwara KUNISUKE(1st gen.) with) Sweep pattern Black lacquered sheath Wakizashi koshirae

Early Edo period (Kanei era/about 370 years ago) Settsu
Length of cutting edge39.4cm Curve1.0cm Width of base31.6mm Width of Yokote28.5mm Thickness of base8.0mm

NBTHK(Tokubetsu Hozon)

with) Sweep pattern Black lacquered sheath Wakizashi koshirae


The first gen. KUNISUKE was born in Kanbe town, Ise province (now in Suzuka-city) and assumed his birth was very early of Keicho period (very early 17th century) it is guessed from the age difference between 2nd generation. He had moved to Kyoto and became a disciple of well-known great master Horikawa KUNIHIRO on about 16-17th year of Keio (A.D.1611-1612) on the later years of master KUNIHIRO. Therefore it has been understood that he studied under the tutorship of Echigo-no-kami KUNITOMO. There is something persuasive in his workmanship that his signature and forging/tempering technique is pretty similarly each other. After master KUNIHIRO passed away, he again moved to Osaka where was lively and humming with business then enjoyed Kawachi-no-kami title from the Imperial Court in early Kanei period. He had refined KUNIHIRO's workmanship and sublimate it into beauty of art that fascinated Samurais or merchants in Osaka. The subject brave and heroic wakizashi would be made in his middle aged around early 30 plus years old, strongly influenced by the work of heroical Izumi-no-kami KANESADA (the best cutting performance) style and certainly successfully expressed. Forging mark became delicately fine and steel is selected carefully where glittering ji-nie metal granules spread over uniform in Hiraji surface. In the interior of temper, there works with sunagashi and kinsen like a mumur of brook and entire temper is filled in with deep nie and nioi mist. Sword shape is wide on base extremely and very thick in kasane leading to a large and heroical tip, which is very impressive and can still feel a medieval brave samurai spirits right after the Final Battle Osaka Natsu-no-jin between Tokugawa and Toyotomi. The first gen. KUNISUKE was passed away in the 30th, the fifth month, fourth year of Shouho(A.D.1647)
It's Wakizashi koshirae fitting
, an original and complete, consists of iron Fuchi/kashira and Kozuka - Gourd motif gold/copper inlay, Menuki is Shakudo yobori plow Bamboo leaves and tiger design (gold iroe) and tsuba is iron turtle shell pattern and small openwork signed NOBUIE which gives off let-black patina taste. Although there are some repair marks here and there on sheath, also some of gold inlay VINE of Kozuka was missed off, the entire koshirae still keeps an original state and possible nearly best condition for it age of 370 years ago.
This wakizashi was freshly polished recently and set in a new shira-saya mounting.
A most unusual case to keep such rich volume on blade like a shin-shin-to(end of Edo period) made sword and it's worthy of praise to join with an original koshirae fitting.

Old copper original habaki, shira-saya plain wood mounting.